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Gnome global menu in KDE4

Hello, i've implement gnome's global menu in Bespin's XBar.
Now xbar users can get global menu both for GTK and Qt4 applications.
Pics comming....
Gnome's Epiphany web browser:

KOffice2's Krita application:


Mike said...

Cool, I have always wanted that but it was always a pain that it only worked on KDE apps.

Just a question, but how does it handle the variety of different controls that toolkits can put in menu bars?

Ansgar Chmiel said...


Does it work with Firefox? I ask since Firefox uses Gtk through its abstraction layer, XUL.

Is XBar still depending on Bespin? If so, are there any efforts to make it style independent?

Anonymous said...

hmm... after enabling globalmenu in gnome-panel xbar still does not show menus for gtk apps for me. (rev. 435)

大猫 said...

to carnager:
hmm, you need a helper program:
checkout trunk/playground/base/plasma/globalmenu

maelcum said...

This is quite awesome!
In KDE3 times I've been using this kind of menu on my laptop, like a number of other KDE developers. It makes sense because the pointing device is worse and the screen is smaller on laptops. On the desktop it was rather confusing with several visible applications.

Jonas said...

Which version of bespin is required to get this to work? I'm using r433, together with the globalmenu mentioned above and that doesn't work. I only get the (as per usual) Qt4 and KDE4 apps to work with Xbar.

Or do I need to do something special to enable it for gtk-apps as well?

txf said...

Very nice! Now if only we can get global xbar implementations in other styles other than bespin

大猫 said...

to Jonas:
You need also install

don't forget to add
export GTK_MODULES=globalmenu-gnome
to your ~/.bashrc

sorry to forget mention that.

maninalift said...

It would be very nice if this could be worked out so that a user could select "use global menu" from the Bespin window decoration settings and tick "include gtk/GNOME apps" and not have to worrk about setting up various parts. Of course that's partly a packaging question.

透明的眼睛 said...

Really wonderful!Thanks a lot!

Jonas said...

Ah, okay. Now it works (after beating the make-system for that program into of the most annoying programs to compile I've ever come across...).

Just a question it normal to get an underscore in the menus before the letter that's used when navigating menues by keyboard?

And this might a bug (whether in gnome2-globalmenu or otherwise I don't know). And yes, I know it's a first-release so I don't expect everything to be perfect.

To reproduce:

Run a gtk/gnome app, say Inkscape. Also make sure a program Xbar/globalmenu can't handle is running, say firefox.

Make Inkscape the active app. The menues are drawn in Xbar, as they should. Switch to firefox, and the Inkscape menues are still shown in Xbar.

Anonymous said...

This is still not working.

I have installed plasma-globalmenu and it is running:

carnager@freebox ~ % ps aux | grep globalmenu
carnager 25766 0.7 1.6 96056 33196 ? S 20:09 0:00 /usr/bin/globalmenu

env. variable is exported too:

carnager@freebox ~ % echo $GTK_MODULES

bespin is up2date:

carnager@freebox ~ % pacman -Q bespin-svn
bespin-svn 436-1

But i dont get any gtk menu in xbar.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... just started gnome-panel and tried the globalmenu there... it also doesnt work.

Strange, i had this working a few weeks back.

Does it need a complete gnome installation?

大猫 said...

to Jonas:
your bug fixed.
not perfect, just proof of concept,
towards a style indepent implementation of xbar

Anonymous said...

It seems great, because many people does not like bespin style and want the xbar.

Anonymous said...

Ok, i tested it. Installed gnome and started it. dis and enabled globalmenu and it worked.

logged out, started kde. globamenu did not work.
Started gnome-panel in kde. globalmenu did not work either...

Any clue whats causing this?

TGM said...

Hi! xbar looks great, but do you know of anything that works/looks like the old Amiga Workbench bar?


HellHold said...