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kimpane applet, ask for review

I just dumplicate the mail and add some more pics :)
Moved to kdereview/plasma/applets/

It's mainly an applet for input methods, so that persons use difference input methods can share the same user interface and the unified systemsettings input method configure integration.
And also include a standalone application and a control module for systemsettings now.

Its main features:

  • Multiple backend support, currently support SCIM and IBus(1.1.0+ version)
  • Able to float out and embbed into panel dynamically, The floating statusbar(a qwidget) is just a view on the same qgraphicswidget.
  • Skin support:
    1. You can choose the skin to follow current plasma theme, then it will auto switch skin when user change plasma theme.
    2. Use custom theme, support install theme from Get Hot New Stuff
    3. Internally use javascript to layout svg, enable the abilities to do adaptive svg layout and "theme" the layout.
  • KCModule based configure, config pages for ui, backends are combined to one dialog.
  • Provide a standalone version with floating statusbar only if you don't want to add the applet to panel.

Its design is simple, just provide a dbus service for input methods
Backends(SCIM,IBus, fcitx ...) <-------->dbus<---------->kimpanel (org.kde.impanel)
communicate by signals only.

Currently the above features are finished, Except:
  • Only one kcmodule for ui now, haven't provide kcmodule for backend,
  • The kcmodule is working, but lack help text, theme auto preview , other eyecandies........
  • The extra two themes are only make for horizontal statusbar and horizontal candidate window layout only, but default theme fully working.
And it's also stable now, no crashes in my everyday use.

The backend need to be configured before test this applet, see backend/scim/README and backend/ibus/README
You can even mix use SCIM and IBus for different types of programs(eg. scim for qt, IBus for xim and gtk), but you still have the same user interface
and can't tell the difference without looking at their logo icon.

I'd like to include it in KDE 4.3 but it will be soft freeze is in early April,
So i think i have to ask for review now.

Pics comming


shiny said...

Hey, I love the images. KDE needs more glitter! Seriously.

Anonymous said...

wha, the themes are cute. I wouldn't consider separate theme support crucial for an applet like this, but it's fun ;-)

It's of no use for me, but there are millions of people for whom it is, so thanks for the work!

Marcin Kulik said...

What's the font you use in KDE? I mean the one in system settings and window titles.

Anonymous said...

Really great!

Anonymous said...

I improved the text a bit, see

Unknown said...

Great work. I really hope this gets into KDE 4.3.

What will you be working on next? Tomoe handwriting recognition?

Wang Hoi said...

to Marcin: handelgotd font, very cute

Sorry to tell you that,
all fancy stuffs like custom themes are removed.
Now just use plasma's images and colors.
Anyway, you can still gain different looks when changing the plasma theme.

As a result, %40 code reduced.

Keep it simple, elegant.

Unknown said...

Please let us know of the results of the review? KDE has always lacked a well integrated IME for CJK languages (even skim for kde 3.5 was not really fantastic). This could be the plasma applet that could make it happen!

Great work, please keep on!